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ARD Program Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

Reader’s Question:

I am 18 years old and I received a DUI in the state of Pennsylvania, but I went through the ARD program, will my insurance rate go up at all?


Pittsburgh, PA

They allow in Pennsylvania for an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) for first time drunk driving offenders. When a driver who is a DUI offender, once they are allowed in to an ARD program the state of Pennsylvania will suspend their charges but requires conditions that have been ordered by the court are met of the driver. You may be asked to do community service and seek drug and alcohol recovery counseling.

Basically, ARD is a one-time (kind of like a get out of jail Monopoly card) that is an alternative to a felony conviction, trial in court and quite possibly a mandatory jail sentence for the conviction for DUI in PA. There is a mandatory $500.00 processing fee to be included to the ARD program plus you can expect to pay a pretty steep fine, and pay a fee for alcohol related defensive driving classes, expensive court costs and a probationary or court monitored supervision fee for a period of time.

Accord to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, they state that if a driver is convicted of a DUI, whether they completed the ARD program or not, your drivers license will still be suspended.  I would say that this not withstanding could be a very good reason for car insurance companies to raise your rates, or decide to cancel or non-renew your current insurance policy.

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